Baby Brennan Eckert

This blog is devoted to Brennan Charles Eckert, born November 16, 2007, to parents Kim and Jeff and big brother Tommy. On January 25, 2008, 10 week-old Brennan was admitted to T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital. He was severely dehydrated and eventually diagnosed with Slick Gut Syndrome. Brennan's doctors tell us he will be here about a month with a lengthy recovery at home as well. This blog is meant to update all those who are loving and supporting us and our sweet Brennan.

UPDATE: Brennan spent 21 days at TC Thompson and was discharged from the hospital on February 14, 2008. He began receiving food by mouth on February 18. His oral feeds were gradually increased as his tube feedings were decreased until he was shifted to 100% oral feeds on February 29. His feeding tube was removed on March 3, and his central line was removed on March 6. According to his doctor, Brennan is now a "normal baby with a recovering gut." He is home with us and doing great! 

Although we never could have prepared for this experience, we are more grateful than we ever could have been for the gift of our son. We have been so blessed by a community of folks who walked with us on this journey. Some were people we hardly knew, and others were lifelong loved ones, but we were given to abundantly at a time when our needs were great. And we are so thankful for how God met us in our need through the hands and feet and love of so many of his people.

"Let the Great Rabbi hold you silently against His heart. In learning who He is, you will find out who you are: Abba's child in Christ our Lord."
-Brennan Manning

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

doing better

thank you SO much for your thoughts and prayers. I've
been really touched by all the emails and calls today.
I was overwhelmed yet again with how much God uses us
as his hands and feet to encourage and love others.

Brennan is doing well. He has only had one bout of
diarrhea today and is basically acting like any sick
baby. He's not sleeping great, and he's pretty fussy,
but he's not vomiting and he's not having excessive
diarrhea. It's getting better instead of worse, which
is great. "normal" sick is ok, and we are feeling more
and more confident that he is going to be just fine
with this bug. even as he is fussing and crying, we
are thankful for his strong, fighting spirit - we know
it is part of what got him through all this in the
beginning and what is helping him now.

we will keep updates on here. thanks again for
your thoughts and prayers.


stephanie said...

praise God!! so glad to hear the update, though even having a "normal" sick baby is not too fun. funny what we can find to be thankful for. ahhh, perspective!

The Hopkins Family said...

He is a little fighter! Glad to hear he's doing better. Hopefully, we can get together soon!