Baby Brennan Eckert

This blog is devoted to Brennan Charles Eckert, born November 16, 2007, to parents Kim and Jeff and big brother Tommy. On January 25, 2008, 10 week-old Brennan was admitted to T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital. He was severely dehydrated and eventually diagnosed with Slick Gut Syndrome. Brennan's doctors tell us he will be here about a month with a lengthy recovery at home as well. This blog is meant to update all those who are loving and supporting us and our sweet Brennan.

UPDATE: Brennan spent 21 days at TC Thompson and was discharged from the hospital on February 14, 2008. He began receiving food by mouth on February 18. His oral feeds were gradually increased as his tube feedings were decreased until he was shifted to 100% oral feeds on February 29. His feeding tube was removed on March 3, and his central line was removed on March 6. According to his doctor, Brennan is now a "normal baby with a recovering gut." He is home with us and doing great! 

Although we never could have prepared for this experience, we are more grateful than we ever could have been for the gift of our son. We have been so blessed by a community of folks who walked with us on this journey. Some were people we hardly knew, and others were lifelong loved ones, but we were given to abundantly at a time when our needs were great. And we are so thankful for how God met us in our need through the hands and feet and love of so many of his people.

"Let the Great Rabbi hold you silently against His heart. In learning who He is, you will find out who you are: Abba's child in Christ our Lord."
-Brennan Manning

Thursday, February 28, 2008

good news!

Brennan is doing great. He went to the doctor on Monday and had gained weight - he's 15 pounds now. Because he was doing so well the doctor decreased his tube feedings down to only 10 hours at night and increased his oral feeds to 4 oz every 4 hours. The doctor told us that if he did well this week his feeding tube could come out at his appointment next Monday! His central line will come out shortly after the feeding tube is removed. By the way, he is doing great with the bottle now. Except when we remove it and try to slow him down while eating - then you would think we were torturing him by his little screams. it's so great to see him act like a normal baby! But he did have a setback with this increase. He began vomiting after every feeding, so on Tuesday the doctor decreased his oral feeds. He was able to tolerate that and so on Wednesday he was back up again. we're learning to take things slowly with him, step by step. He is continuing to do well with this level, so I'm hoping that the doctor will decrease his tube feedings or even eliminate them over the weekend to see if he can handle just doing oral feeds. We are so excited that his feeding tube might come out on Monday, but of course we don't want to rush him if he's not ready.

Another GREAT piece of news is that our insurance is covering the formula, and it was delivered yesterday from our home health care company. This is a HUGE answer to prayer. My income stops this month, so it is very timely. As some of you know, I am not returning to full-time teaching. I had made this decision before Brennan even arrived, but this experience has certainly confirmed and strengthened my desire to be with my boys as much as possible.

Brennan continues to be a somewhat atrocious sleeper. we are overwhelmingly thankful for him and so grateful he is home and getting healthier every day. but if he could sleep without me physically holding him that would be great too. that's really why I haven't updated the blog more often (or cooked or cleaned...) - because he has such a hard time sleeping sometimes. And though I am not opposed to letting babies "cry it out" at a certain age, I am unable to let my sick little baby do this too much - especially when we think the reason he needs to be held at night is because he seems to be in pain. but still...sleep for us would be lovely. jeff does have to go to work, so he wouldn't mind getting a bit more sleep as well.

but on a normal baby note, last night Brennan laughed for the first time - like the real ha ha laugh instead of the fun new baby squeal-like laugh. I had forgotten how amazing that sound is, especially when hearing it for the first time. the greatest thing was that he did it while we were all together eating dinner - so Jeff, Tommy and I all heard him laugh for the first time. Tommy was so excited and just kept standing over Brennan mimicking all the things I was saying and doing, trying to get Brennan to laugh again. He didn't last night, but tonight Tommy got Brennan to laugh again all by himself - by hugging him! It was precious. Afterward, Tommy said, "He laughed! He liked it! He likes me!" which, of course, had Jeff and I in sentimental tears - so thankful for our precious boys.

thank you again for all your love and support. I will do my best to keep you updated, and thanks for caring about our family so much!!!


brenda keck said...

What a precious gift of a memory! I still distinctly remember the first time my babies laughed - and that was 19 years other sound in the world like it. I am so happy that you have recieved that blessing this week - all the more precious in such heartwrenching cirucumstances.

brenda keck said...

What a precious gift of a memory! I still distinctly remember the first time my babies laughed - and that was 19 years other sound in the world like it. I am so happy that you have recieved that blessing this week - all the more precious in such heartwrenching cirucumstances.

Jennifer said...

What great news!! Good luck with the removal of Brennan's feeding tube. That is so great that your insurance is going to pay for the formula! You're right, it is unbelievably expensive!! Hope to see you and your boys soon!

The Hopkins Family said...

I'm so happy to hear that Brennan is doing so well. We will definitely be praying for you this weekend and asking that his feeding tube come out Monday. We miss you all at playgroup and can't wait to hear Brennan's sweet little laugh!
I'll see you this weekend!

LeeAnne said...

What great news, Kim! I'm so excited for you all as your lives slowly begin to return to something resembling normal.